1. palm, open hand; fist, closed hand, Sl. duke, Brit. Dial. nieve; extremity, Sl. mitt, Sl. paw, Sl. fin, Sl. flipper; (all of animals) paw, foot, pad, trotter, hoof, unguis, Zool. forefoot, Anat., Zool. manus; (all of birds of prey) claw, talon, pounce; (all of crustaceans) claw, pincer, nipper.
2. worker, laborer, workman, hired hand or man, man, employee.
3. skill, art, workmanship, artistry, craftmanship; touch, characteristic manner, mark.
4. crewman, crew member.
5.Often hands
power, possession, hold, grasp, control, clutches, disposal, authority, jurisdiction; management, guidance, supervision, watchful eye, guardianship, wardenship; custody, keeping, arms, care.
6. assistance, aid, help, relief, succor, helping hand, a leg up, boost.
7. side, direction.
8. penmanship, handwriting, writing, script. See handwriting.
9. signature, Inf.John Hancock, Inf.John Henry; mark, x, cross.
10. round of applause, ovation, clap.
11. bunch, cluster, bundle, sheaf.
12. at hand
a. near, nearby, close, close-by, adjacent, neighboring, next to, next door to; fast by, not far, but a stone's throw, but a step.b. on hand, close at hand, imminent, impending, about to happen, drawing near or nigh, approaching; on the verge or brink of, at the point of. c.within reach, within range, within an arm's reach, handy, convenient; at one's fingertips, under one's nose, right here; available, at one's disposal, ready, set, Sl. all set, ready to go.
13. by hand
manually, with one's hands.
14. from hand to mouth
improvidently, precariously, unstably, uncertainly, insecurely; scantily, skimpily, meagerly, scrimpily.
15. hand in hand
a. holding hands, with hands clasped, arm in arm.b. together, jointly, conjointly, closely, in close association, side by side, concurrently.
16. hands down
a. effortlessly, easily, with no contest.b. indisputably, undeniably, incontestably, incontrovertibly, absolutely, positively, unquestionably.
17. on hand
a. in one's possession, at one's disposal, with one, Sl. on one.b. at hand, imminent. See hand(def.12b.).
18. try one’s hand
try, try one's skill, try one's luck, Sl. take a shot, attempt, essay.
19. with a heavy hand
a. severely, oppressively, tyrannically, despotically.b. clumsily, awkwardly.
20. with a high hand
arbitrarily, arrogantly, haughtily, presumptuously, dictatorially, imperiously, overbearingly, domineeringly.
21. deliver, hand-deliver, present, give; get, reach, pass, pass over; bring forward, Sl. come out with, produce, furnish, supply, Sl. come up with, Sl. cough up; hand over, turn over, surrender, give up, Inf. fork up or out or over.
22. help, aid, assist, lend a hand, give a leg up, boost; give a helping hand, help out, do a favor, do a good turn.
23. hand down
a.(of a court decision) deliver, give, impart, communicate.b. transmit, transfer, pass on or down, hand on or down, bequeath, will.
24. hand out
give out, distribute, pass out, deal out, Inf. dish out; apportion, portion out, mete out, dole out.
25. handmade, hand-done, made or done by hand, handcrafted, handwoven, handloomed.
26. manual, hand-run, hand-operated.

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